Asma and Bal Thackeray discussing 'human rights'

Asma and Bal Thackeray discussing 'human rights'

Surprisingly from all nooks and corners, the voice against Pakistan army is raised simultaneously, as it was done in 1971 and yet another surprising thing is the timings of Uday Bhaskar’s concern and Asma Jahangir’s address at Agha Khan University which are finely synchronized. Interestingly both the individuals have thrillingly common theme to highlight. Her addressed at Agha Khan University is being given a wide coverage and extra ordinarily highlighted by the Indian press and electronic media

Those who have a short memory can be given the allowance to forget the cries she made about few months back when she was yelling for action by the army, and against the Taliban, at the Constitution Avenue Islamabad and now when the army ensured and restored peace in the restive valley, she has come out with her real motive as she is tasked by her mentors. However, it would be very difficult for people with sharp memory to forget her suspicious meetings in India with the radical leaders like Bal Thackeray whom she met while wearing a specially tailored Saffron suit, a color perfectly matching Bal’s dress. Though Bal Thackeray was not the only one whom she met.

She claims to be a human activist but her struggle is confined to the Indian prisoners rightly placed behind the bars for the heinous crimes like bomb exploding and killing but she has never uttered a single word or has raised even a faint voice for the inopportune Pakistani prisoners rotting in the Indian jails.

 Not only that due to her stubbornness recently she cheerfully broke her house but at the same time she ensured fetching divorce to thousand of innocent women during last two decades, yet she claims to be a ‘Rights’ Watchdog’ (if that can be used for either gender). For this notorious mission she is popularly known as the Chief Executive Divorcee Club of Pakistan.

The point to remember is that those who lit candles at Joint Check Post Wagha and dance with their Hindu friends in India, ‘religiously’ celebrate Diwali, have no right to lose any sleep for Pakistan or to criticise Pakistan army. It is difficult to please everyone and every time. The public must show some guts to ask the lady that why must she always clutches to the negative ends.