This has been the irony that whenever somebody dared speak truth in Bangladesh, a specific block with a prefixed mindset and the regional orientation would call him an agent. So it shouldn’t be shocking or eccentric for poor Munshi who is being labeled as ISI agent. The patriotism of a genuine Bengali is beyond any doubt, may that was before 1971 Indian sponsored and supported civil war or post that scenario. (ref: The Bengalis did realise that someone in the name of Bengali nationalism misguided the Bengalis to an extent that they started asking for independence. No Bengali can deny the dirty role played by the Indians generally and RAW categorically in the fall of East Pakistan and that was proved just three years after the so-called independence when the traitor Mujeeb ur Rehman was killed by the patriot Bengali officers at the stairs of his house. Pakistan despite this all never showed any keenness for interfering in Bangladesh’s internal affairs even when it got the clear signals from there, for a reunification. The latter always supported Bangladesh at every forum helped them in the crisis, even the gifting of F-6 aircrafts to the Bangladesh air force is also on the record. Everyone knows that it was purely Pakistan’s efforts that helped BD cricket team to earn a Test status. So much so that an ex president Musharraf paid tributes at the Unknown Soldier’s monument and regretted over the war crimes, if there were any.

Nevertheless, despite this all Pakistan has never remained a favorite, at least with Awami League, whenever it came into power. The latest example is of movie ‘Mehar Jan’ which could have clarified many doubts and misunderstandings but the Awami League launched a proper campaign to stop the screening of this movie in Bangladesh. Here I would like to quote an extract from the above article:

“The new DG BDR’s promotion to the rank of Major General and his hasty journey to New Delhi for the expressed purpose of thanking the Indian BSF for their magnanimity in protecting our borders during the mutiny looked odd to me.”

I think this one sentence is enough to suggest that who was behind the Peelkhana Massacre and I am sure not many will doubt it. This is for sure that as long as AL will play a role in the Bangladeshi politics, the inopportune Bengalis would keep suffering at the hands of those who would keep playing with their fate.