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Aman Ki Asha or Trade Sachet?

As far as the Indian business delegates are concerned, they came, they saw and they conquered (certainly not the heart of a common Pakistani). The core issues like Kashmir and water accord were thrown on the backseats while the business interests were brought into the lime light. A couple of happy meals, photo sessions and some musical evenings in the forefront while discreet and dubious business deals in the backstage were in brief the ‘Aman ki Asha’. The Pakistan government and the Jang Group, while apparently daggers drawn against each other, were hands in hands behind the closed doors to ensure success for the juicy project. This so called peace campaign Aman ki Asha is in fact a joint venture of the Times of India (TOI) and the Jang publishing group of Pakistan.

Both the giant groups were working on this proposal for last many years and were looking for the right time for the curtain raising. The Times of India is known for its anti Pakistan write-ups, editorials and analysis; hence the collaboration of both not only raises suspicions but confirms their vested interests as well. However the TOI is one step ahead in a way that the group is going into this joint venture for a national cause for which the paper has his government‘s and the secret agency’s full support and the backing. There is strong perception that the TOI has signed in to this joint venture for; pure business interests, to put the Kashmir issue on the back burner, create misunderstanding between the political class and the establishment of Pakistan, categorically the armed forces and finally a full throttle to the cultural invasion to brain wash the Pakistanis. For these obvious reasons the Times of India doesn’t enjoy favourable reputation in Pakistan due to its negative and radical policy towards Pakistan, while on the Pakistan side people have started asking too many pricking questions about the Jang group also and that’s putting the group in a tight corner. People still wonder that how come the Jang group’s GEO channel sustain a long shut down, forced upon it during General Musharraf government’s tenure? The corroboration between the TOI and the Jang Group is in a way track three diplomacy which the owners of these two joint ventures have floated for the prosperity of their business empires.

The GEO programs are well researched and scientifically and psychologically planned, harmless from outside but carries lethal messages from inside. The popularity of the GEO channel has out rightly changed the psyche/ taste of the viewers in particular and the masses in general. The format of GEO’s programmes clearly indicates its inclination towards the Indian programs and cultural heritage which is discreetly being indoctrinated by them. The channel is eager to take lead seat and dominate the media policies at a later stage. The Jang group has some of the journalists (not all) aboard with dubious loyalties and sympathies for the foreign agencies who are known for their skill to exploit and flare up the issues. Seeing the Times of India’s track record it is too hard to believe that they would do some constructive thing to improve Indo-Pak bilateral relations. As a matter of fact the cooperation crave by the Jang group is its business objectives while the TOI has the same for further penetration in Pakistani media and political ranks for their ulterior motives and some signs were quite evident after the recent series of forums held in Pakistan.

Interestingly, in recent past the TOI and the Jang group planned to have their headquarters at Dubai but had to drop the idea with a heavy heart after the Indian government’s red signal to the TOI group since the Indians wanted to keep this joint venture directly under their thumb at all cost. The Jang group is in fact making identical moves to SAFMA which is very active to raise its voice for; peace & friends without borders, frequent visits to India and criticise Pakistani armed forces and the defence budget at every forum but if the Jang group is asked that what steps they have taken so far to highlight the burning Indian issues like Kashmir, Maoist movement, Naxalite movement, atrocities towards Dalits and discrimination towards the Muslims, Christians and the women folk then they have no answer to it. The GEO channel is known for giving extra ordinary coverage to the Indian programs, culture and showbiz.

Though on the other hand, they do telecast patriotic programs but only to earn credibility. If carefully watch, the GEO is found giving more air time to the American, Indian, European and then Pakistani events in the same order. Since last many years the VOA (Voice of America) has bought a costly slot during the prime time and frequently telecasts its publicity programs from GEO channel, which is a discreet psychological operation campaign, though no one has ever noticed or bothered about it. GEO’s role post November 26, 2008 massacre remained very dubious. Especially the hype created by this channel about Ajmal Qasab raised many eyebrows. The channel in the name of the freedom of press left no chance to malign Pakistan by trying to confirm that Ajmal Qasab was actually a Pakistan. The slogan ‘Aman ki Asha’ gives impression of a Hindi catchphrase and reflects Indian dominance. Interestingly, if carefully observed, the doves in the logo are of Indian flag ‘Taranga’ colours and logo has been designed in such a way that it looks as Lotus, which is Indian national flower used as symbol by some right wing extremist parties of India too. The likely reasons for kicking campaign Aman ki Asha off are; efforts to negate the two nation theory, to weaken the Pakistan politically and ideologically as Pakistan is the only country India fears, to keep Pakistan busy with GWOT and carryout nefarious designs under that cover, play the blame game at the fastest pace, create rift between the political hierarchy and the army command, to convince Pakistani public that Kashmir is not at all an issue for which both the nations are daggers drawn and last but not the least is to blow Balochistan issue out of proportion to put Pakistan on back foot. Currently a section of Pak media is more like lost and directionless, clearly violating all sorts of norms and ethics and professional codes while the Indian media on contrary behaving very responsible and standing beside their government in their silent war against Pakistan at every hole-in. Those who do not want the friendly relations with the Indians, under the current status-quo, are unfortunately being labelled as extremists which is a dangerous practice and will have serious repercussions in near future. It should be remembered that the Kashmir issue is still unresolved and would always remain a litmus test to gauge the Indian sincerity and as long as Kashmir and water issues are not resolved, peace in the region can not be erected on the puny pillars of Aman ki Asha, cultural exchanges and MFN statuses.


Pasha Vs ‘The Trojan Horse’

It was as back as in late 70s when Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto was at the peak of his fame and fear, as his government’s downfall was imminent. The power that was behind the plans to topple his democratic government was generally known and if some quarters had any doubt then it was cleared when Bhutto waved and read aloud a highly confidential and personal letter in public. In a blunt tone he was conveyed a message by Hennery Kissinger that a horrible example of him would be made. But that was not the first time when the Americans settled their grudge against Pakistani leaders or generals. Liaqat Ali Khan and Field Marshal Ayub Khan were few others.

The irony of some intelligence war is that its heroes sadly remain unsung. General Pasha is one such hero. There is an old saying that ‘My friend’s enemy is my friend’ and here in this specific case many of us are proving Chanakiya’s saying right by collaborating with Pakistan’s enemies. Through their acts they are making Pakistan’s enemies proud and contended. Who doesn’t know that who is behind the plots to malign Pakistan Army and ISI. The game is not new but the strategy is certainly fresh one. The muzzles are pointed towards the army chief and the DG ISI and the pawns are those who themselves have a shady and grey track record. Has anyone ever thought for a moment that if Pakistan army and the prime intelligence agency are obeying the American wishes (as it is propagated) then why should the Americans take them on as exclusive targets? Why should have they attempted to humiliate our armed forces by carrying out a massacre at Salala Check post and why should have they tried to embarrass our intelligence agency by raiding at a much talked Osama’s hideout? No we won’t think about these realities, rather would like to buy the propaganda about our armed forces, intelligence agency and nuclear program that is planned at the cyber spheres, by a conglomerate of some journo who are the chums of Pakistan’s enemies thus makes our enemy’s day.

I know this write up would be termed as a trumpet blowing for the armed forces and the ISI. Yes, it is but why shouldn’t it be the one? When people here in the holy motherland are betraying her by teaming up with its enemies and disappointing their countrymen, then someone has to raise a voice for with these sacred institutions unless we are indifferent to the national security and sovereignty.

As earlier said that intelligence wars and its heroes are usually remain unsung and so is the case with General Pasha, who is under heavy fire these days, but leading the operation like any fearless infantryman. General Pasha is amongst those few Pakistani spy chiefs who are reckoned as the men of crisis. Few others among them are General Akhtar Abdul Rehman and General Hamid Gul. Although as far as General Pasha is concerned he is considered totally divergent to the formers’ school of thought, nevertheless, his patriotism and views about the religion as a moderate Muslim are beyond any doubt.

Does anyone know that why this campaign against him has started?  But why should we, especially when ‘the masters’ are calling the Spade a Club. As I mentioned that Bhutto was made an example for exposing the Americans and what we should not forget is that the Americans don’t forget and don’t forgive. When one tells them bluntly that his Master is Allah and not America then what else could be expected? Yes, this is what exactly General Pasha told the CIA chief Leon Panetta during one of his recent visits to America. General Pasha is a diehard Pakistani who could go to any extent for the honour and dignity of the motherland and that’s what he exactly did, when he owned the responsibility of Abbottabad carnage which wasn’t a small thing to do but he did to an extent that even he offered his resignation which was turned down by the Prime Minister of Pakistan. I am going into these minute details just to keep the record straight.

General Pasha’s encounter with the then CIA chief was not the only one. The Americans who were jubilant over his appointment as the DG ISI literally pissed off when General Pasha started negotiating with them on principle grounds. Imagine about a soldier who is fighting the dirtiest intelligence war of the history is being stabbed in the back by none other than his own allies and few countrymen. The enemies had now two pains in neck, the organisation itself and its DG. Since they could conveniently pull the strings of any influential civil government’s member, hence initially they simply wanted to tear down ISI by placing it under the Interior Ministry where it could be reduced to just another police department. General Pasha, supported by the army, resisted to it and the ISI was able to keep its independence. However, this was not the first that ISI head was desired to be the fall guy by some hidden quarters. In past Ms. Benazir Bhutto did this adventure, when she removed General Hamid Gul from the DG ISI’s post. I wonder if General Pasha will have any interest in clutching on to the chair but at the same time such adolescent attempts are conveying nothing but wrong messages which will not only harm the most sensitive organization of the country, horribly but will also bring humiliation in the GWOT at our doorsteps.

One must remember that in intelligence operations what you see is not actually what is happening around and the tragedy is that everything cannot be shared with everyone and of all with those who are security risk for the country? Has anyone ever seen the intelligence chief of any country being talked and discussed in public? Or being questioned for his highly confidential tasks and trips? Unfortunately in this inopportune land this practice is very common.

The ISI is hated but respected by its enemies. The ISI is the favourite whipping boy of the Neocons and the Neolibs. Pakistan is the international scapegoat. Unfortunately the organisation and its DG have turned out to be the obstacles to certain quarters’ nefarious designs, hence, are treated as the punch bag for a section of media’s criticism that is replicated in the Indian media as well. The time has come that the forces that have love for the country and its security institutions must stand up against these pseudo liberal and anti state elements who are working on an agenda.

One shouldn’t forget that it’s not General Pasha whom these plotters are targeting, it’s rather the ISI. General Pasha will not remain in the chair for life but the number one at the top ten intelligence agencies of the world will surely live and that’s what is persistently bothering these ‘Twitters of the same Flock’ and the ‘Blackberry Lovers’ that have united against a warrior who is committed to Pakistan. Will it not be better for Husain Haqqani to come out of the PM house before conspiring against the armed forces, for Asma Jehangir to look back at her dubious track record and her visible links with the Indians, for Najam Sethi to wrap up his log stock and barrel at WSJ and Hamid Mir to first dispose off the millions he accepted recently as a fee for campaign against the armed forces and the ISI, before pointing accusing finger at these two institutions? See the mentality of these low rated heavily paid media managers and the civil society members who are slipping back to every unethical move and look at the calibre of that warrior Shuja Pasha who knows ‘a lot’ about them but doesn’t believe in espousing unfair moves, nevertheless, the fact is that the people of Pakistan reserve the right to see their true and ugly faces. The sooner it is the better it would be.

Iran Needs to Learn Manners



Knees are based under the belly by default and can never come before tummy. Trying it by someone would only bring desperation and humiliation and nothing else. Pakistan has a neighbour who is trying to put knees before belly so ever since the over thrown of Reza Shah Pehlvi. As it is no more a secret that we are talking of Iran, hence it is also essential to mention that the reasons for this vindictive and grudging attitude are known by a hair’s breadth to Pakistan. The rise of Islamic revolution brought no goodwill messages for Pakistan. Though as far as Pakistan is concerned, it always stretched out a brotherly hand towards Iran, may that was about the revolutionaries coming into power or Iran-Iraq war. Besides this Pakistan never meddled into the Iranian politics or its internal affairs, nevertheless, Iran invariably showed a lost sleep about Pakistan’s affairs, contrary to it.


If Iran could find the reasons for showing its disquiet over sectarian issue in Pakistan then the same rationales were valid for Pakistan to protest over the Sunnis plight in Iran but Pakistan while indifferent to whichever government was in power always displayed sensibleness. Pakistan never objected to the founding of Iranian cultural centers (Khana-e-Farhang) throughout Pakistan and that too in a number more than it required. Pakistan always had reasons to believe that why the Iranians have more than one cultural centers of this kind in the cities having Shia population in majority but Pakistan always demonstrated patience. It’s no more a secret that what these cultural centers (Khana-e-Farhang) have been up to in Pakistan but Pakistan has never blamed Iran for any involvement.


Recently the Indians have handed over a newly constructed 218-km Zaranj-Delaram highway to the Afghan government which is of strategic importance. What interest India had in constructing the road that will connect Kandhar to the Iran border is a question that Iran and Afghanistan are in a better position to answer, but Pakistan never showed any nervousness on it despite the fact that highway is defiantly likely to influence Pakistan’s strategic interests in the region.


The IPI gas pipeline project was approved to meet the Indian requirements but who doesn’t know that it was the India who backed out from the agreement at the eleventh hour which annoyed Iran also but at the end of the day Iran had no grievances against India while Pakistan has been asked to sit in the corner, wait and see.


Like Pak-Afghan border, the residents of Pak-Iran border are also living astride the international boundary. While Pakistan on Pak-Afghan border despite having great security problems never thought of erecting the wall and instead augmented the security, but Iran on Pak-Afghan border has constructed a700 kilometer long, 3 feet thick and 10 feet high concrete wall by using extra strong steel rods, alongside its border with Pakistan from Taftan to Mand, although the Baloch community of border village Sorap of western Mekran region have shown their fears about being politically and socially divided. The people were forced by the Iranian authorities to vacate the town in a stipulated time period, but Pakistan’s official stance, that Iran has the right to erect border fencing in its territory, is very much on record.

Pak-Iran relations have seen some frequent highs and lows during last three decades. Late President General Zia ul Haq apart from visiting himself once had been sending the goodwill missions to stamp out the Iranian qualms quite off and on but unfortunately no one could satisfy the pre-fixed mind Iranians. If any common man here in Pakistan is asked he would definitely call the Iranians as Pakistan’s brothers. Pakistani president late Field Marshal Ayub Khan gifted 60 Square KM area to Iran to save their Oil drainage on Pakistan side. Reza Shah Pehlvi reciprocated the gesture and started providing Pakistan subside oil in return. However, contrary to that no wonder if one hear the story of marching by the Iranian Passdarans on Pakistani flag in the presence of Pakistani diplomats as guests invited to witness the parade.

The recent Iranian elections were a unique example of rigging by Ahmadinejad gang where Pakistan had a great opportunity to create trouble for a brother country had the latter been an enemy as it is thought by the Iranians but remained indifferent to the issue until it resolved.

Iran must put his own house in order before leveling any accusation against Pakistan in the most ill-mannered and undiplomatic way as it doesn’t speak high of an Iranian leader whose own loyalties and credibility is doubted amongst his own countrymen. Before pointing any accusing finger towards Pakistan he needs to satisfy the world body about the strong Argentinean criticism on President Ahmadinejad’s decision to put forward Ahmad Vahidi as defense minister in his new 21-member cabinet. No one has forgotten that Vahidi is wanted by Argentina in connection with a 1994 bombing in Buenos Aires which leveled a seven-floor Argentinean building, killing 85 people and wounded 300. It was the worst terrorist attack in Argentina.

Pakistan bagged all the blames for helping Iran in nuclear proliferation but surprisingly it is Pakistan which in return is targeted by the western and USA authorities whereas the Iranian government is simply getting just the verbal warnings by them which provides enough reasons to believe that a conspiracy to tight noose around Pakistan’s neck is being executed discreetly and no wonder if Iran is also a party to it. It is high time for the Iranians to learn the diplomatic norms. Both the countries are not having that tensed relations that they can’t even talk to clarify each others misgivings, only if India has priority over Pakistan for Iran.

 It is high time for Iran to remember one thing that, genetically knees are based under the belly by default and can never come before tummy. Trying it by someone would only bring desperation and humiliation to one and nothing else.

Water Grabber India & Nuclear War Part – I by Zaheerul Hassan

Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nation mentioned in his report that rural poverty and food insecurity has been intensified and is showing downward trend all over the world. Developing countries within the Asia-Pacific region represent more than half of the world population today (a total of 3.7 billion out of 6.3 billion people in 2000), which continued to grow at 1.4% per year (1990-2000) and slowing down to 0.7% per year in 2020-2025.  The population in urban areas will increase from 37% to 51% during the same period. The report further reveals that majority of the worlds poor live in this region, about 829 million out of a world total of 1.2 billion, living on an average of just one dollar a day.

An alarming aspect of under discussion issue is that despite having maximum manpower, natural resources and all weather pieces of land, why Asian countries failed to bring Green Revolution. The answer is unequal distribution of manpower and ambitious desire of grabbing natural resources by the power greedy country India. New Delhi never realized that her wishful thinking of attaining supremacy and capturing natural resources is pushing the region into war. She has forgotten that hunger is the only factor which changes the human characteristics. It gave birth to the world terrorism too. Here, in Asia the ratio of poor people remained high as high Himalayan Mountain. Most of the governments in south Asian region cannot maintain even daily necessities of their nations. The countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal   botched to promote their agricultural sector because of presence of a water grabber country in their neighbourhood.

 India has given a new turn to the philosophy of war while using water as an instrument of war. She has the intentions of converting her neighbourhood’s land into ruins and deserts through inundation and trickling of water.  In this regard her actions speak that she is emerging as “Global Water Terrorist Country”. New Delhi has planned number of barrages and dames while violating international water pacts. Now, it’s the talk of the region that future war would be on water issue because none of the country will like to become barren as result of Water terrorism.  Therefore, it is evident from the prevailing environment that if world community failed to control water grabber then insecurity of food would be the core issue of future Asia and would prove fatal for the world peace.


 It is further emphasized that Agriculture sector is expected to continue to play the central role in achieving sustainable food security and poverty alleviation through increasing the food production, improving productivity and quality, expanding non-farm employment and enhancing trade and overall capital formation. But, the increase in capital is only possible if water resources shall be available to the countries. But its reality that development of any country revolves around Water since it’s equally good for agriculture and industrial sectors apart for the daily routine maintenance. Unavailability or shortage of water might lead into environmental degradation, erosion of top soils, and depletion of soil fertility, pollution, starvation and low production of food.


The third word countries which are already suffering with depleted economies have to do something for their survival. The numbers of water issues of South Asian countries though have been taken up at various international fora but are still unresolved or pending due to disinclination attitude of India towards the execution of already concluded International Pacts. Indus Basin Water Treaty between India and Pakistan 1960, Indo-Bangladesh water dispute over the Farakka Barrage (The Ganges Water Treaty) and the Indo-Nepal dispute over the Mahakali River are the glaring examples of Indian refusal of abiding by the international agreements. The continuous Indian denial is endangering regional peace too. It is notable here that India always used water as blackmailing tool against Pakistan, Nepal and Bangladesh. The Indian rulers exploit this natural resource through blocking the flow of rivers which originate from the Indian controlled territories and claiming their rights of using Nepalese Origin Rivers too.


It is also notable here that major water issue between two nuclear powers (India and Pakistan) is directly linked with the territorial dispute too. Pakistan and India have fought four wars over Kashmir. The sources of three major rivers are located in Indian Held Kashmir (IHK). India has started construction of dams and barrages over these rivers with the aim of destroying agriculture sector of Pakistan. According to the sources, India has also suggested Afghan government to construct dam over Kabul River which is a main water contributor to Indus River. She has also offered technical assistance to Afghanistan. Therefore it’s a proven fact now that India will never be our trustworthy friend because of her mean nature. Her only aim is to create instability and destruction of Pakistan.

 Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal have tried to resolve their water issues with India while using various world and regional stages. These countries also used SAARC platform to settle their long outstanding issues over water but some how on one or other pretext New Delhi showed her unwillingness in resolving the issue. India straightaway refused to come on SAARC forum while saying that water clashes will be solved with Bangladesh and Nepal through tri-partite dialogues.  In fact India is not interested to decide the issues at all and will keep on avoiding the talks on such delicate matters. Same situation is prevailing between Pakistan and India over water problem.

 The reluctance of India in resolving of basic issues has further deteriorated the regional security. The political and military leaderships of India have failed to comprehend and read the delicacy of the current adverse regional situation. The ruling party of India is trying to corner the lonely Islamic nuclear power without realizing that Pakistan can not afford anymore conventional war with her. She must know that Pakistani nuclear programme is though very safe but off course in strong hands too. According to A Q khan Pakistan Nuclear Programme is of latest version and has edge over Indian nuclear programme too.

 Pakistan has sufficient nuclear arsenals to meet any potent threat to her integrity.  Careful analysis of contemporary political and security environment reveals that future nuclear war would be on water issue. India must know that Pakistan can go for nuclear strike first, since it’s the matter of her survival on world map. To avoid this nuclear war, international community has to establish, deliberate and redress the major water issues of Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and Nepal. I would like to mention here that details and formula of resolving this important issue and avoiding future nuclear war would be discussed in Part – II of the article.

                                                                          (To be continued)