It was October 13, 1999, a day next to the toppling of Nawaz Sharif’s government, which the latter purely asked for. General Musharraf was not only that still the COAS but the CEO of the country as well. A large number of writers, intellectuals and journalists who were quite happy and excited over the change were gathered at ISPR. Many of them were keen to see the DG ISPR and some of them were eager to meet Musharraf, right away. Among them was one Hussain Haqqani, who was a frequent visitor to the ISPR for the reasons best known to him. The gentleman was known for switching affiliations and loyalties. During the later years of General Musharraf’s rule, when latter visited once America, Haqqani tried to contact him and asked for one on one meeting which the smart general bluntly refused as he knew about the Johnny well and was updated about his selfish mentality as well. Husain Haqqani felt humiliated and started a venomous propaganda campaign against the General in the US press. The out spoken president didn’t forget and forgive him and during one of his visits to the States, during a press conference, openly nitpicked the smart boy. The muck didn’t stop there and soon there was a gossip about Haqqani’s collaboration with a notorious anti Pakistan American think tank ‘Carnegie’s Endowment’. It was generally said that in the said paper’s script the most lethal parts related to Pakistan were scripted by our ex (intellectual) ambassador.

The gentleman maintained a low profile for a while, until he managed an access to Benazir Bhutto and consequently, finally to her spouse, who is now the President of Pakistan. As people know that Mr. Asif Zardari is a friend of friends, so accepted Haqqani’s gestures too, positively, incidentally forgetting that a great talker is a great liar. Not only Mr. President, rather everyone should know that the friends and books should be few and good. The little master managed to claim a big slot in the foreign affairs ministry and grabbed the prize appointment i.e. of Pakistan’s envoy to the only super power, the United States of America. The muck was still going on and Mr. Ambassador didn’t forget his enmity with the ex President General Musharraf. To settle his score with an individual, he was determined to humiliate an Institution.

Haqqani, throughout his tenure, till the time he met his fate, kept conspiring against the armed forces of Pakistan. It would not be wrong if said that he being a wicked soul, remained the main source of misunderstanding between the US and Pakistan and masterly followed the divide and rule trick. And as it should have been in such cases, not only managed to widen the gulf between two GWOT allies but also at many a times temporarily succeeded in creating a rift between the governments and the armed forces. His temporary successes turned him over confident and like any ill-fated idiot he also started putting all his eggs in one basket and that turned out to be his biggest blunder. Now he had no more eggs, so there was no more business. He was given ample time. At quite a few occasions he was directly and indirectly cautioned and admonished as well but was found indifferent to advices. It is rightly said that ‘Give a fool rope enough and he will hang himself’ and so Mr. Haqqani did. He started thinking about him as a Messiah for Pakistan. The elite class socialising made him arrogant and stiff neck. Anyone who followed him on Twitter will confirm the tinge of arrogance in his style, except those morons like Kamran Shafi, Asma Jehangir, Marvi Sarmad, etc, who are like-minded to him and are known as pseudo liberals.

Mr. Haqqani had a bigger plan to execute. He was in a mood to hit two birds with one stone; to sideline and made the armed forces powerless forever and to secure the position of the minister for foreign affairs, as he was sure that the President would not refuse him. He was already in the good books of the President and his loyalties to the Americans were beyond any doubt to the latter. He knew whatever he would convey to the Americans will be taken as official word but the only problem was looking for a dare devil who could bell the cat and that reminds him of his good friend Mansoor Ijaz, who was known for brooking the deals and selling his contacts. The controversial Ijaz had been doing such deals in past also so was considered an apt pick as a courier. There were a couple of meetings in the USA and UK besides BBM messaging and few calls for drafting a ‘Memo’ for requesting Admiral Mike Mullen to cut Pakistan Army to size. Both the smart guys struck a deal of $100 million for delivering just two pages to the Admiral. An advance of 30 percent amount was paid to Ijaz Mansoor and the rest amount was to be paid on job completion. Now that was the time from where the muck actually started. Haqqani was confirmed by Mansoor about the delivery and as expected he asked for the final payment which cunning Haqqani bluntly refused and showed inability to make the final payment. That, as it was expected infuriated Mansoor Ijaz who threatened Haqqani to make the deal public. The latter, thinking that he had no reason to show some lost sleep as the deal bore no signatures, asked Mansoor to do whatever he thought better, not realising that the courier had a complete record of BBM texts plus phone call record which could always turn the tables on him. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened.

When both these Johnnies started washing the dirty linen in the public, Mansoor having a sure edge pushed Haqqani against the wall and made him lick the dust. The poor soul could not do much about it and dejectedly landed back in Isloo where he was taken on. As expected he has a gang of supporters, the pseudo liberals, who came forward to rescue him. The alliance planned a Twitter campaign supported by print and electronic coverage to present the wolf, in a sheep’s casing. A game was planned and the muzzles were turned toward the Army and the ISI, though for a short while as the public in general was not prepared to trust the architect of ‘Carnegie Endowment’ (portion related to Pakistan) and the author of book Pakistan: Between Mosque and Military published in 2005. Above all it was known to all and sundries that Haqqani is beloved by many in Washington, suspected by some, but known by all. He maintains innumerable unofficial relationships with high-ranking U.S. officials, powerful civilians, and journalists, yet here in Pakistan generally he is known for switching his loyalties swiftly. His pseudo intellectual liberal friends couldn’t do much. Not even his beloved spouse’s fast friends of ‘steady days at Dubai’.

Haqqani is now keeping his fingers crossed and waiting for his fate. It is reliably learnt that even the President Asif Ali Zardari was quite furious over his stupidity. Especially at a time when Zardari was enjoying very cordial relations with the Army, the Twitter Ambassador tried to create misunderstanding between the President and the armed forces. Husain Haqqani was contended while thinking that the draft memo had no signatures, not realising that the forensic science would dig out the relation between the BBM texts, call times and the memo. Room 430, Park Lane Intercontinental London turned out to be a Waterloo for him.

Ah! Poor Husain Haqqani.