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Pasha Vs ‘The Trojan Horse’

It was as back as in late 70s when Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto was at the peak of his fame and fear, as his government’s downfall was imminent. The power that was behind the plans to topple his democratic government was generally known and if some quarters had any doubt then it was cleared when Bhutto waved and read aloud a highly confidential and personal letter in public. In a blunt tone he was conveyed a message by Hennery Kissinger that a horrible example of him would be made. But that was not the first time when the Americans settled their grudge against Pakistani leaders or generals. Liaqat Ali Khan and Field Marshal Ayub Khan were few others.

The irony of some intelligence war is that its heroes sadly remain unsung. General Pasha is one such hero. There is an old saying that ‘My friend’s enemy is my friend’ and here in this specific case many of us are proving Chanakiya’s saying right by collaborating with Pakistan’s enemies. Through their acts they are making Pakistan’s enemies proud and contended. Who doesn’t know that who is behind the plots to malign Pakistan Army and ISI. The game is not new but the strategy is certainly fresh one. The muzzles are pointed towards the army chief and the DG ISI and the pawns are those who themselves have a shady and grey track record. Has anyone ever thought for a moment that if Pakistan army and the prime intelligence agency are obeying the American wishes (as it is propagated) then why should the Americans take them on as exclusive targets? Why should have they attempted to humiliate our armed forces by carrying out a massacre at Salala Check post and why should have they tried to embarrass our intelligence agency by raiding at a much talked Osama’s hideout? No we won’t think about these realities, rather would like to buy the propaganda about our armed forces, intelligence agency and nuclear program that is planned at the cyber spheres, by a conglomerate of some journo who are the chums of Pakistan’s enemies thus makes our enemy’s day.

I know this write up would be termed as a trumpet blowing for the armed forces and the ISI. Yes, it is but why shouldn’t it be the one? When people here in the holy motherland are betraying her by teaming up with its enemies and disappointing their countrymen, then someone has to raise a voice for with these sacred institutions unless we are indifferent to the national security and sovereignty.

As earlier said that intelligence wars and its heroes are usually remain unsung and so is the case with General Pasha, who is under heavy fire these days, but leading the operation like any fearless infantryman. General Pasha is amongst those few Pakistani spy chiefs who are reckoned as the men of crisis. Few others among them are General Akhtar Abdul Rehman and General Hamid Gul. Although as far as General Pasha is concerned he is considered totally divergent to the formers’ school of thought, nevertheless, his patriotism and views about the religion as a moderate Muslim are beyond any doubt.

Does anyone know that why this campaign against him has started?  But why should we, especially when ‘the masters’ are calling the Spade a Club. As I mentioned that Bhutto was made an example for exposing the Americans and what we should not forget is that the Americans don’t forget and don’t forgive. When one tells them bluntly that his Master is Allah and not America then what else could be expected? Yes, this is what exactly General Pasha told the CIA chief Leon Panetta during one of his recent visits to America. General Pasha is a diehard Pakistani who could go to any extent for the honour and dignity of the motherland and that’s what he exactly did, when he owned the responsibility of Abbottabad carnage which wasn’t a small thing to do but he did to an extent that even he offered his resignation which was turned down by the Prime Minister of Pakistan. I am going into these minute details just to keep the record straight.

General Pasha’s encounter with the then CIA chief was not the only one. The Americans who were jubilant over his appointment as the DG ISI literally pissed off when General Pasha started negotiating with them on principle grounds. Imagine about a soldier who is fighting the dirtiest intelligence war of the history is being stabbed in the back by none other than his own allies and few countrymen. The enemies had now two pains in neck, the organisation itself and its DG. Since they could conveniently pull the strings of any influential civil government’s member, hence initially they simply wanted to tear down ISI by placing it under the Interior Ministry where it could be reduced to just another police department. General Pasha, supported by the army, resisted to it and the ISI was able to keep its independence. However, this was not the first that ISI head was desired to be the fall guy by some hidden quarters. In past Ms. Benazir Bhutto did this adventure, when she removed General Hamid Gul from the DG ISI’s post. I wonder if General Pasha will have any interest in clutching on to the chair but at the same time such adolescent attempts are conveying nothing but wrong messages which will not only harm the most sensitive organization of the country, horribly but will also bring humiliation in the GWOT at our doorsteps.

One must remember that in intelligence operations what you see is not actually what is happening around and the tragedy is that everything cannot be shared with everyone and of all with those who are security risk for the country? Has anyone ever seen the intelligence chief of any country being talked and discussed in public? Or being questioned for his highly confidential tasks and trips? Unfortunately in this inopportune land this practice is very common.

The ISI is hated but respected by its enemies. The ISI is the favourite whipping boy of the Neocons and the Neolibs. Pakistan is the international scapegoat. Unfortunately the organisation and its DG have turned out to be the obstacles to certain quarters’ nefarious designs, hence, are treated as the punch bag for a section of media’s criticism that is replicated in the Indian media as well. The time has come that the forces that have love for the country and its security institutions must stand up against these pseudo liberal and anti state elements who are working on an agenda.

One shouldn’t forget that it’s not General Pasha whom these plotters are targeting, it’s rather the ISI. General Pasha will not remain in the chair for life but the number one at the top ten intelligence agencies of the world will surely live and that’s what is persistently bothering these ‘Twitters of the same Flock’ and the ‘Blackberry Lovers’ that have united against a warrior who is committed to Pakistan. Will it not be better for Husain Haqqani to come out of the PM house before conspiring against the armed forces, for Asma Jehangir to look back at her dubious track record and her visible links with the Indians, for Najam Sethi to wrap up his log stock and barrel at WSJ and Hamid Mir to first dispose off the millions he accepted recently as a fee for campaign against the armed forces and the ISI, before pointing accusing finger at these two institutions? See the mentality of these low rated heavily paid media managers and the civil society members who are slipping back to every unethical move and look at the calibre of that warrior Shuja Pasha who knows ‘a lot’ about them but doesn’t believe in espousing unfair moves, nevertheless, the fact is that the people of Pakistan reserve the right to see their true and ugly faces. The sooner it is the better it would be.


You ‘Two’ Brutus!

What we always heard and advised by our elders was that a great talker is a great liar and we always found it correct but somehow the other people have stopped listening to their elders and are more concentrating on what the great talkers [sic] TV anchorpersons advise them. There are few who started their journey from a humble newspaper’s Sunday edition with a 70 cc motorbike and there are few who were lucky to have modern education but they chose to paint Asia red. Unfortunately their journey ended when the communism was buried deep in Afghanistan. These two TV journalists are the blackmailers of their own style. Comrade Najam Sethi has always remained the pawn of the Americans, even when he was a ‘Surkha’ (socialist). Just dig out his write ups from the archives and you will never find him speaking good for country and especially for the armed forces. He must be commended for being dedicate to his cause. Now he owns a ‘Chirya’ (sparrow) instead of a ‘Tota’ (Parrot) which has always remained a true friend of any so-called fortune teller. Sethi regularly appears in his program ‘Aapas Ki Baat’ from a private TV channel but surprisingly mostly from abroad. People have seen him rarely sitting across the table with the puppet host of the program whom Sethi himself dictates questions and then reply him like a visionary thinker and analyst. It is generally said that Najam Sethi weekly gets a briefing from his masters in Washington, who give him tips basing on their ‘Schedules’ and ‘Plans’ for Pakistan. The gentleman like some seasoned Dhongi Baba predicts in his show and as expected when the events happened then demands praise. No one has ever asked him that what his beloved daughter is doing in the States? There is no harm in living abroad, either working in the Wall Street Journal but that really pinches when she bluntly writes against his country’s armed forces. That’s the time when one thinks that Mr. Sethi has passed on the torch of hatred and abhorrence to his next generation.

He is not the only Brutus. He has a company of another ‘great talker’ who is introduced as a Biker above. It’s not very old story that he would roam on a 70 cc motor cycle and would live, hand to mouth, in a small house with meagre income but just within ten to fifteen years where does he stand now?  Ask him about his living, his assets and his bank balances. This gentleman is a blackmailer of another kind, never sincere to anyone.  He can never deny about his accounts in a foreign bank’s branch in Islamabad where few years back just in one day a huge transaction of ten million rupees was made. Yes, in a journalist’s account and remember that it was no sale no purchase money. I am sure he will never let anyone know about that account. He is known for provoking people, initiating controversies in his program ‘Capital Talk’ again from the same TV channel. In last general elections he ruined all the ethics and norms of journalism when a day before the elections he played negatively and turned Sheikh Rashid’s sure shot win into a sudden defeat. He might have forgotten that but Sheikh doesn’t. Since last few months his program was going down and down because of his foul tactics and yellow journalism. He is blamed for stabbing Ghazi Abdul Rashid of Lal Masjid and the killings of Khawaja Khalid and Colonel Imam.

It is a known fact to the majority of the Pakistanis that Hamid Mir is dying to increase the rating of his program Capital Talk. Besides that there are few other things need to be looked into; first that one should not forget that Hamid Mir is openly blamed for having links with Pakistani Taliban and he is generally held responsible for the murders of Khawaja Khalid and Colonel Imam. Those who have any doubt can Google that audio of his conversation with Taliban, on net, secondly he remained controversial for his over projected interview with Osama Bin Laden which sane readers doubted that Hamid Mir actually interviewed Sheikh Osama, thirdly Hamid’s journalistic career has remained dubious, all along for his links with intelligence agencies including IB, ISI, CIA and many others and lastly we are asking for the politicians’ asset, why not to ask about the assets of journalists like Hamid Mir, Najam Sethi, Marvi Sarmad, Nusrat Javeed, Imtiaz Alam and others. The people should ask Hamid about his financial standing before he was daily Ausaf’s editor.

Now while coming to this so-called threatening mail, just look at few things; first that in this muck where everyone is orchestrating the same symphony ‘malign army and ISI’, what is so special about Hamid Mir that army is afraid of him? If his logic is bought that means that army is banking upon eliminating the whole journalist bandwagon? Secondly that why should army send him a threatening sms instead of just (as he suspects) wiping him out? Why would army resort to a childish approach? I think people have seen but not Hamid Mir the greatest movie ‘The Good, the Bad and the Ugly’ where villain says, “If you have to shoot then shoot. Don’t talk.’

Actually Hamid Mir has left with nothing more to sell so he has reverted to this option. He is trying to hit 2 birds with one stone. Trying to increase his popularity, joining the anti armed forces posse and ensuring his security. Very smart of him but public is not having short memory anymore. People are watching his program and observing his body language very closely and with concentration these days. Whenever there is a change in his behaviour that confirms that a huge transaction has been made to his secret account.

These two Brutus are more dangerous than any open enemy. The name Brutus suits them because they ruthlessly stab in the back and that’s what these Two Brutus are doing these days.

The Twitters of Same Flock:Tweeting Together

The human Rights Commission is a nongovernmental organisation and that makes it more suspicious that, who runs this nongovernmental organisation then? The home page just describes the origin with few words like, “The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) was founded in 1986 by a prominent group of jurists and human rights activists in Asia. The AHRC is an independent, non-governmental body”. The majority of the advisory board members are of Indian origin they are four out of total ten members while only one member is from Pakistan. One of the directors is from India whereas there is no director from Pakistan. The funding sources remain mysterious and are not known to anyone neither are explained by the AHRC authorities.

The AHRC is widely known for making mountains out of moles. Generally the majority of the Asian countries dislike this organisation for its black mailing attitude. The organisation has a large number of silent workers who are mostly known as ‘members of civil society’. Interestingly these civil society members, when come out on the roads to protest on some issue, are not more than hundred plus at one location. The fact is that no country can claim to be hundred percent following the human rights code of conduct and that’s where they are exploited and black mailed by the AHRC. The low profiled workers of the organisation are asked to initiate applications and petitions against the politicians, leaders and states.

One such interesting example has lately come into the limelight when Pakistan’s sacked ambassador to the USA, Husain Haqqani was trapped for conspiring against the military brass. It is said that the first reaction is always a candid reaction and that’s what the public saw in case of Haqqani’s confession and resignation but with the passage of time when he gained little confidence then it was realised by him and his ‘accomplices’ that something drastically wrong has happened. We usually hear an old saying quite frequently that ‘The birds of same flock fly together’ but for a change we saw the twitters of same flock tweeting together.

A group of pseudo liberal journos, self styled intellectuals who are abnormally active on Twitter conveyed to each other through their tweets to come forward for Haqqani’s rescue. Some have excessive visits to the US (but no one has ever questioned them), few more have frequent directives from the British Intelligence agencies to play down Dr Afia’s case. Then there are promising lawyers who look more of a saffron brigade’s members than some patriotic Pakistanis. Surprisingly they all have mostly the common followers on twitter. So silently an idea to give spin to the case was floated between the owner of a ‘Chirya’ (sparrow) and his friends to launch a counter campaign. The frequent meetings of these salvation army soldiers with various western and especially American ambassador turned quite helpful for them to streamline the strategy and as it was expected, execution of the first objective i.e. character assassination of the armed forces and the inter services intelligence wing was started.

The game was mildly started on Twitter and subsequently dragged out in media. Suddenly Asma Jehangir, a flag bearer of women’s rights, who was totally indifferent to Afia Siddiqui, leaped over to rescue a culprit who defamed not only the country but nation and the institutions as well. No one ever questioned him about his grudge for the armed forces despite the fact his links with the anti Pakistan American think-tanks are known to all and sundries. How one can forget the architect of ‘Carnegie Endowment’ (portion related to Pakistan) and the author of book Pakistan: Between Mosque and Military published in 2005. Lately an American think tank, Smith Richardson Foundation, has claimed to have paid 100,000 dollars to former Pakistan Ambassador Husain Haqqani to write that book. The organisation’s statement said that the purpose of the grant was to task Husain Haqqani to research and write a book on the relationship between Pakistan’s military and the country’s radical Islamic forces and assess the implications of that relationship for US security. But who cares? These two security institutions that have a great account of sacrifices and courage at their credit are being targeted and of all by those who have null contribution for the motherland.

The ‘Twitting Flock’ has now uploaded an application on AHRC’s website demanding to prosecute the director general ISI for hatching a so-called conspiracy against ‘Democracy’, whereas one wonders that this application should have been against the ‘Memocracy’.

The fact known to all is that it’s the armed forces who ensured that the current government despite its inefficiency and immature behaviour was always supported by the armed forces and for that the army chief and the DG ISI had to bag many negative citations from the opposition quarters. Without going into the details of the this application which is more of a sulking over the so-called grievances against the army than talking about the so-called crime and without questioning that in the presence of the statements submission by the army chief and the DG ISI how one can claim that Pakistan is a state where the armed forces are not held accountable before any judicial institution? Without inquiring that how Nawaz Sharif who is daggers drawn against the armed forces be called latter’s accomplice, just one thing will be highlighted and that’s the bottom-line of the application which is quoted below:

“It is also alleged that the ISI is involved in bomb blasts and assassinations in neighbouring countries and providing training to the Mujahideen”. 

Isn’t it enough to show that whose game these ‘Twitters of same Flock’ are playing? Instead of showing some lost sleep for such activities by RAW, CIA and other hostile agencies, own institutions are being stabbed in the back and that too at a wrong time. After all that’s what one can expect from a ‘watchdog’ having majority of Indians in their advisory board. Unfortunately it won’t fetch the desired results. There will be no more martyrs hence there will be no more sympathies. But this Twitting Flock must remember one thing that ‘One army has always to stay in your country and if you dislike your own then it’s certainly the enemy’s, so feel free to confess that what you are asking for.

A Discreet Conflict – An Open Agenda

By: Asif Chauhdary

A month back an article under the title ‘A Discreet Conflict’ written by one Matt McCullough was published in an online journal ‘The Majallah’. it would have been comparatively a sensible article, written by any western writer, had few queries been answered logically. For example, without having any love lost for the armed forces and much talked ISI, one is always astonished that why only these two organisations which are supposed to look after the state’s interest are always blamed and targeted and why not the discreet stakeholders like the Americans, Russians, Indians and some of the European countries aren’t blamed, who have a visible nefarious agenda? The American, Russian and above all the Indians interest and concern in the region are well known especially when the American ambassador visits Quetta unannounced. So, why to blame these two forces without any concrete proof and not to doubt even those who are manipulating the game? Very strangely, the Independence Day is celebrated by handful insurgents as Black Day and so called Baloch rebels happily killed their countrymen Punjabis and trusted friend China’s technical experts, while the Americans and the other western high profile dignitaries roam freely in the province and are not touched even?

Amazingly the nationalists display anger, for the deprivation, against the Punjabis and the armed forces who are the major contributors for the development in the province but those Sardars who sucked the Poor’s blood and kept them uneducated for decades, are still regarded as heroes? Can anyone deny that the Army has constructed the maximum roads, schools and hospitals in the Province? Will any Sardar claim that the light and gas in the province is his achievement? Fully agreed that there is 30 percent unemployment and 75 percent illiteracy but do the Nationalists have some character and morality to admit that this all is because of their Sardars, like Bugti, Mari and Mengal? No, they will not because these Sardars with the help of their Western Masters are pulling the strings of these puppets popularly known as The Nationalists.

As the writer aptly said that, “the Balochistan is important to US interests beyond pumping gas and blocking Iran and China from doing the same”, so very simple and easy to understand that who is calling the shots in Balochistan? Soon this drama of Balochistan liberation will see the drop scene when the cunning stakeholders will surface with the real motives. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.