What we always heard and advised by our elders was that a great talker is a great liar and we always found it correct but somehow the other people have stopped listening to their elders and are more concentrating on what the great talkers [sic] TV anchorpersons advise them. There are few who started their journey from a humble newspaper’s Sunday edition with a 70 cc motorbike and there are few who were lucky to have modern education but they chose to paint Asia red. Unfortunately their journey ended when the communism was buried deep in Afghanistan. These two TV journalists are the blackmailers of their own style. Comrade Najam Sethi has always remained the pawn of the Americans, even when he was a ‘Surkha’ (socialist). Just dig out his write ups from the archives and you will never find him speaking good for country and especially for the armed forces. He must be commended for being dedicate to his cause. Now he owns a ‘Chirya’ (sparrow) instead of a ‘Tota’ (Parrot) which has always remained a true friend of any so-called fortune teller. Sethi regularly appears in his program ‘Aapas Ki Baat’ from a private TV channel but surprisingly mostly from abroad. People have seen him rarely sitting across the table with the puppet host of the program whom Sethi himself dictates questions and then reply him like a visionary thinker and analyst. It is generally said that Najam Sethi weekly gets a briefing from his masters in Washington, who give him tips basing on their ‘Schedules’ and ‘Plans’ for Pakistan. The gentleman like some seasoned Dhongi Baba predicts in his show and as expected when the events happened then demands praise. No one has ever asked him that what his beloved daughter is doing in the States? There is no harm in living abroad, either working in the Wall Street Journal but that really pinches when she bluntly writes against his country’s armed forces. That’s the time when one thinks that Mr. Sethi has passed on the torch of hatred and abhorrence to his next generation.

He is not the only Brutus. He has a company of another ‘great talker’ who is introduced as a Biker above. It’s not very old story that he would roam on a 70 cc motor cycle and would live, hand to mouth, in a small house with meagre income but just within ten to fifteen years where does he stand now?  Ask him about his living, his assets and his bank balances. This gentleman is a blackmailer of another kind, never sincere to anyone.  He can never deny about his accounts in a foreign bank’s branch in Islamabad where few years back just in one day a huge transaction of ten million rupees was made. Yes, in a journalist’s account and remember that it was no sale no purchase money. I am sure he will never let anyone know about that account. He is known for provoking people, initiating controversies in his program ‘Capital Talk’ again from the same TV channel. In last general elections he ruined all the ethics and norms of journalism when a day before the elections he played negatively and turned Sheikh Rashid’s sure shot win into a sudden defeat. He might have forgotten that but Sheikh doesn’t. Since last few months his program was going down and down because of his foul tactics and yellow journalism. He is blamed for stabbing Ghazi Abdul Rashid of Lal Masjid and the killings of Khawaja Khalid and Colonel Imam.

It is a known fact to the majority of the Pakistanis that Hamid Mir is dying to increase the rating of his program Capital Talk. Besides that there are few other things need to be looked into; first that one should not forget that Hamid Mir is openly blamed for having links with Pakistani Taliban and he is generally held responsible for the murders of Khawaja Khalid and Colonel Imam. Those who have any doubt can Google that audio of his conversation with Taliban, on net, secondly he remained controversial for his over projected interview with Osama Bin Laden which sane readers doubted that Hamid Mir actually interviewed Sheikh Osama, thirdly Hamid’s journalistic career has remained dubious, all along for his links with intelligence agencies including IB, ISI, CIA and many others and lastly we are asking for the politicians’ asset, why not to ask about the assets of journalists like Hamid Mir, Najam Sethi, Marvi Sarmad, Nusrat Javeed, Imtiaz Alam and others. The people should ask Hamid about his financial standing before he was daily Ausaf’s editor.

Now while coming to this so-called threatening mail, just look at few things; first that in this muck where everyone is orchestrating the same symphony ‘malign army and ISI’, what is so special about Hamid Mir that army is afraid of him? If his logic is bought that means that army is banking upon eliminating the whole journalist bandwagon? Secondly that why should army send him a threatening sms instead of just (as he suspects) wiping him out? Why would army resort to a childish approach? I think people have seen but not Hamid Mir the greatest movie ‘The Good, the Bad and the Ugly’ where villain says, “If you have to shoot then shoot. Don’t talk.’

Actually Hamid Mir has left with nothing more to sell so he has reverted to this option. He is trying to hit 2 birds with one stone. Trying to increase his popularity, joining the anti armed forces posse and ensuring his security. Very smart of him but public is not having short memory anymore. People are watching his program and observing his body language very closely and with concentration these days. Whenever there is a change in his behaviour that confirms that a huge transaction has been made to his secret account.

These two Brutus are more dangerous than any open enemy. The name Brutus suits them because they ruthlessly stab in the back and that’s what these Two Brutus are doing these days.