By: Asif Chauhdary

A month back an article under the title ‘A Discreet Conflict’ written by one Matt McCullough was published in an online journal ‘The Majallah’. it would have been comparatively a sensible article, written by any western writer, had few queries been answered logically. For example, without having any love lost for the armed forces and much talked ISI, one is always astonished that why only these two organisations which are supposed to look after the state’s interest are always blamed and targeted and why not the discreet stakeholders like the Americans, Russians, Indians and some of the European countries aren’t blamed, who have a visible nefarious agenda? The American, Russian and above all the Indians interest and concern in the region are well known especially when the American ambassador visits Quetta unannounced. So, why to blame these two forces without any concrete proof and not to doubt even those who are manipulating the game? Very strangely, the Independence Day is celebrated by handful insurgents as Black Day and so called Baloch rebels happily killed their countrymen Punjabis and trusted friend China’s technical experts, while the Americans and the other western high profile dignitaries roam freely in the province and are not touched even?

Amazingly the nationalists display anger, for the deprivation, against the Punjabis and the armed forces who are the major contributors for the development in the province but those Sardars who sucked the Poor’s blood and kept them uneducated for decades, are still regarded as heroes? Can anyone deny that the Army has constructed the maximum roads, schools and hospitals in the Province? Will any Sardar claim that the light and gas in the province is his achievement? Fully agreed that there is 30 percent unemployment and 75 percent illiteracy but do the Nationalists have some character and morality to admit that this all is because of their Sardars, like Bugti, Mari and Mengal? No, they will not because these Sardars with the help of their Western Masters are pulling the strings of these puppets popularly known as The Nationalists.

As the writer aptly said that, “the Balochistan is important to US interests beyond pumping gas and blocking Iran and China from doing the same”, so very simple and easy to understand that who is calling the shots in Balochistan? Soon this drama of Balochistan liberation will see the drop scene when the cunning stakeholders will surface with the real motives. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.